Alter-Shelter 5: Migrant Matter

International Workshop on Urban Studies

Bintang Putra | 18 Jun 2019 | Alter-Shelter, Events

The ongoing urbanization trend across the globe are known to have caused human population to accumulate in capital cities. Humans flow across countries and continents either from developing nations or conflict zones, towards the more advanced nations. Within a country, humans migrate from rural and suburban areas towards the city centers. Which then they, and maybe we, are then commonly perceived as the migrant workers.

Similar movements also happen in the form of non-human matters. The conveniences provided by the digital marketplace, have brought consumer goods through vast distances to reach our doorsteps. Tools of productions, machines, money, etc. are making circles around the earth, carrying along various missions and purposes. Like Migrant Workers, these Migrant Matters also transform the society around where they are destined.

Alter-Shelter 5: Migrant Matter is a situated practice in the depth of urban environment. This one-week workshop is conducted for creative individuals to re-discover and translate the notion of migration of things, through diverse perspectives, and develop the new ideas into visual works that function as alternative media for the public.



Kampung Ketandan,
Surabaya, Indonesia

Date & Duration
18-24 August 2019 (7 Days),
09.00 - 17.00




Kenta Kishi
Professor, Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts, 
Akita University of Art
Co-director of OHS (Operations for Habitat Studies), Akita

Ayos Purwoaji
Art Curator, Surabaya

Benny Wicaksono
New Media Artist, Surabaya

Yogi Ishabib
Sociologist, Surabaya



Mana Watanabe
Graduate Student of Architecture at Waseda University, Tokyo

Sarah Inassari
Architect, Researcher at OHS (Operations for Habitat Studies), Surabaya

Bintang Putra
Co-director & Researcher at OHS (Operations for Habitat Studies), Surabaya



18 AugIntroduction and FieldworkVisitation to Urban Kampungs and Traditional Markets
19 AugLecture and DiscussionIdea formation
20 AugStudio workProduction
21 AugFieldwork & Studio workProduction
22 AugStudio WorkProduction
23 AugStudio WorkProduction
24 AugPresentationGroup presentation, critics, & discussion

Fieldwork destinations:
Pasar Pabean (Fish Market), Pasar Keputran (Traditional market), Kampung Kalimas Udik (Informal Settlements).

Project Assessment Standards

  • Production of at least 10 projects (collectively).
  • Project has to be either visible, readable, or audible.
  • Produced based on local information gathering (Interview, documentation, interaction).
  • Project result displayed in the venue proximity and accessible to public.
  • Production of article or essay on each project.
  • Each project should have strong relevance to the workshop theme and local conditions.



Students (Under / Graduate Student)
Young Professionals


Tuition Fee
International Participant: 150 USD
Domestic Participant: 700.000 IDR  500.000 IDR





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