"A collaboration of artists, architects, and researchers seeking to create alternative visions for post-contemporary societies and their habitat."


Operations for Habitat Studies (OHS) is a non-profit organization based in Surabaya that was established in 2010. Founded by artist, architects, and researchers, seeking to understand our living environment and develop alternative responses towards contemporary urban crises through trans-disciplinary activities.

Core Members

Kenta Kishi / Architect

Born in 1969 in Tokyo, Japan. Kishi received BA in Architecture from Tokyo University of the Arts and MArch from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, USA. He is directing "LWL – Lab. for the Wonderlandscape", which he set up in 2003 as a studio for practice and experiment of architecture, urbanism, design and art, and "CDN - Crisis Design Network", an international and interdisciplinary network to study contemporary urban issues in Asia. He is now serves as Professor in the Graduate School of Transdisciplinary Arts, Akita University of Art.

Bintang Putra / Urban Researcher & Curator

For more than 10 years, he initiated various collaborative events such as workshops and/or residencies aiming to achieve socially engaged art projects. Producing works that responds to the socio-economic disparity issues in the urban landscape. Annually organizes Alter-Shelter workshops to appreciate alternative forms urban housing and lifestyles. He is also involved in several curatorial projects such as Massive Influx Study Activity (2014), Metapola (2018), and Tumbuh Seikat (2019). Currently performing as the director of OHS (Operations for Habitat Studies), founder of ISTB (Tambak Bayan Institute of the Arts), and curator of East Java Biennale (2023).

Contact Us

+62 856 310 7662
Rungkut Asri Timur VII, no. 8
60293, Surabaya