Alternative Housing Workshop

Bintang Putra | 30 Mar 2017 | Alter-Shelter, Events

Dear, fellow citizens of the earth!

As we know, urban habitation is a very crucial issue to be discussed so that we can constantly improve our living condition together. In many capital cities accross the globe, housing has been treated merely as an economic commodity as if it were an investment to be bought as soon as possible and to be sold when the price is soared. 

This economic convention has triggered some of the most severe crises in the recent history such as Japan's property market crash and US subprime mortgage crisis. Meanwhile, the current housing conditions in Surabaya has been showing the similar symptoms with US and Japan's housing conditions prior to the crises. We held this alternative housing workshop in order to provide responses to the symptomatic urban housing conditions in the city, with the hope to spark a widespread discussion on the issue.

Watch the video below to see how it went.


Documentary Video



Below is the post-event catalog. For offline reading, download the pdf (english version) here, and (bahasa Indonesia version) here.


Post-Event Catalog


Alpha Media

Thank you for all the parties involved, we had a blast. See you in the next opportunities!